New research by Dollywagon – "Radio: The Online Multiplier"

Jason Brownlee will speaking at the launch of a ground-breaking new research project by the Radio Advertising Bureau that shows how radio advertising can drive consumers to search online for brands.

“Radio: The Online Multiplier” will be unveiled at Paramount in London”s Centrepoint Tower at 8.30am on 28th January 2010.

This project analysed the detailed internet browsing histories of nearly 2000 people and compared this data against detailed records for each respondents” exposure to 23 specific radio advertising brand campaigns.

What emerged was compelling evidence of radio”s ability to drive consumers online to search for brand-related information and content.

Dollywagon Media Sciences undertook both the methodology design and data analytics for this project. Dollywagon also casino online developed new software to safely access and retrieve browser history data files from the PCs of consenting respondents.

Jason Brownlee will explain some of the key thoughts behind the project”s design and describe the technical innovations that made it possible.
For more details about the event itself please enquire here.

Further details about the project will appear on this blog after the 28th January.

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