'Rory the Tory' marches past Dollywagon HQ

Dollywagon is based in one of the remotest parts of England where the people are resourceful, independent and generally conservative. Moving here from London was a real culture shock, but we”ve never looked back and have learnt a lot from the process of fitting in. I”m therefore always interested to read about how other people have coped with the same experience, which is the basis of this blog post.

We fall within the Penrith & Borders parliamentary constituency and our sitting MP is retiring after 26 years in the job, perhaps due to a combination of ill health and an uncomfortable degree of local anger about his expenses record.

Penrith & Borders has always been a safe Tory seat (a source of frustration to a pinko Media Liberal like myself) so there”s little question about which party will represent us in the next Parliament. However, online casino David Cameron sanctioned an innovative experiment in this constituency by holding a US-style “primary” to select the new Tory candidate.

The winner was Rory (the Tory) Stewart, a fascinating mix of soldier, diplomat and Harvard academic. He has a “Boys Own” CV that Winston S. Churchill would be proud of and even has an educational background to match that of the great man himself.

As our de facto MP-in-waiting, Mr Stewart is currently acquainting himself with his new constituency by walking its length and breadth in the teeth of the worst winter for a decade. Short of riding into Penrith on an ass one can”t think of a better way to seem humble in the face of local accusations about Tory hubris regarding forthcoming election results.

Rory recently passed very close to Dollywagon HQ (walking down Hartside Pass – shame I missed him) and has written a piece about his peregrination around Cumbria for The Times, which you can read here

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  • Alan Marsden 5/01/2010

    Share your sense of ‘intrigued’ about Mr Stewart. Being a died in the wool (or should that be dyed?) red myself I struggle with being interested in Maclean’s successor. If he is half Eric Newby and half Wilfred Thesiger than we are in for an interesting ride. I can’t see how he can really be a Tory with his apparent credentials. He should join me in the Greens. Like your pictures. Better conditions than the Challenge.

  • admin 5/01/2010

    Rory certainly has an exotic CV, which apparently includes a stint with MI6. My knowledge of such things is very limited, but he seems to fit the popular profile of a spook.

    I feel both attracted and repelled by his humble procession through the county. Sometimes I think he’s acting like Jesus on Palm Sunday. On other occasions it looks like he’s a field agent gathering ‘intel’ deep inside bandit country (perhaps not unreasonable given the locals round here!!).

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