RADIODAYS EUROPE conference: Copenhagen 18-19th March

RADIODAYS EUROPE conference: Copenhagen 18-19th March

The Online Multiplier – how does radio advertising boosts brand browsing online?

Jason Brownlee, founder of Dollywagon Media Science, will be speaking at this year”s RADIODAYS EUROPE conference, which takes place in Copenhagen 18-19th March 2010.

RADIODAYS EUROPE is the most important radio conference in Europe, bringing together private and public service broadcasters from all over the continent.

Jason will be appearing with Mark Barber, Planning Director of the Radio Advertising Bureau UK, and together they will explain the driving forces behind their latest research project – Radio: The Online Multiplier

Mark and Jason will describe the unique single-source method that was At Highline, THC Detox is done on an inpatient basis where patients can be monitored by the medical team during the withdrawal process. developed for this purpose, and reveal the detailed findings behind Radio’s Online Multiplier Effect.

In a media world increasingly dominated by the internet and search engines, how do you ensure that customers are specifically seeking out your brand online?

Radio: The Online Multiplier − suggests that an answer lies in the use of offline media, like radio. Radio can act as a kind of turbocharger for brands which are seeking to drive customers towards their online marketing and radio is a highly efficient method of multiplying a brand’s online presence.

You can find out more about the RADIODAYS EUROPE conference here.

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