Hash tag clouds – Twitter & the UK General Election

Hash tag clouds – Twitter & the UK General Election

Recent work from HP Labs at Palo Alto in California demonstrated that crowd-sourced data taken from Twitter has an uncanny ability to predict movie box office success.

Dollywagon thought this was interesting and has been monitoring Twitter to see what it could tell us about the future outcome of the UK”s finely-balanced General Election campaign.

We”ve been monitoring political hash tag use on Twitter and have been analysing the networked data to understand how campaign themes and stories are related to each other. We”ve www.atoledo.com also been looking out for what issues and parties have been capturing real momentum in the Twitter network.

General Election Hash Tag Cloud 4th May 2010

Here is an image of our latest network analysis. What”s apparent is how much Liberal Democrat activity there is on Twitter – this volume or share of political Twitter activity has been maintained since the first televised leadership debate.

What is also interesting is the sudden appearance over the weekend of hash tag threads related to the Philippa Stroud story that ran in the last edition of The Observer.

We”ll be watching to see how this one grows – at present most of the tweets are campaigning for the mainstream media to run with this story. Many tweets are also contrasting its “bigot” themes with Gordon Brown”s disaster in Rochdale the previous week – “#bigotgate” hash tag use has receded a lot since last week.

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