Twitter Political – Top 30 most influential tweeters today

Twitter Political – Top 30 most influential tweeters today

The UK General Election isn”t over yet.

As the leaders of the three main political parties wrestle with the challenge of forming a coalition government, the UK”s political Twitteratti have gone into overdrive.

We used the Influence Engine to analyse political activity on Twitter for the period 1200hrs Fri 7th May until 1200hrs Mon 10th May (today). Our analysis looked at an individual”s success in having their tweets picked up and distributed to other people within the network of Twitter”s politico-sphere. Here is the list of the UK”s Top 30 most influential tweeters on political subjects (click to enlarge).

We”ve also continued with our analysis of the General Election Hash Tag Cloud from Twitter. In this latest online casino australia image for Sun 9th May you can see many of the pre-election hash tags have boiled away (e.g. #imvotinglabour etc.) to be replaced with a vociferous campaign by Lib Dem supporters to put pressure on Nick Clegg during his negotiations with the Conservative Party.

The main objective of this pressure seems focussed on a call for the Lib Dems not to give way on electoral reform (click to enlarge).

UK Politics Hash Tag Cloud, Sunday 9th May

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