2010 EGTA Radio Conference, Istanbul

2010 EGTA Radio Conference, Istanbul

Dollywagon”s Jason Brownlee will be speaking at EGTA”s 10th Radio Thematic Day on the 15th October in the glorious city of Istanbul.

The conference is entitled “Enhancing radio revenues in a digital and multiplatform environment” and the agenda looks really interesting (click here to view the conference programme).

The title of Jason”s paper will Holistic Spring Cleaning SeriesHealthy Finances are a Part of Healthy LivingYo Yo Healthy Living: Part 2Yo Yo Healthy Living: Part 3 (My Adventures in Hypnotherapy)Next post: 3 Ways to Improve Digestion without Changing Your DietThe short answer: Cocaine Dipstrip Drug Urine Test is an abbreviated form for detoxification, a natural and continuous process your body uses to purify itself of harmful substances. be “Radio: The Online Multiplier – how radio advertising influences online brand search and purchase behaviour”.

This research study was commissioned by the UK”s Radio Advertising Bureau and designed and implemented by Dollywagon Ltd. You can read more about it by clicking here.

“Radio: The Online Multiplier” has had a very big impact on the UK market and we”re looking forward to sharing its findings with more of our international colleagues. We hope to see you there.

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