RadioGauge South Africa – 1st case study

RadioGauge South Africa – 1st case study

The RAB South Africa is proud to bring you the results of their first ever RadioGauge advertising effectiveness research study.

The transfer of the RadioGauge methodology to the South African market has been really smooth. The new data is very stable and relates to a national radio campaign for a well known South African telecoms provider.

The results are being shared with South African advertisers and media agencies in Johannesburg on Thursday 9 September 2010 and in Cape Town on Wednesday 22 September 2010. As the If you disagree with the finding, you can make your feelings known to the claims manager and the customer complaints department at the company. RadioGauge project continues more campaign studies will be added to the South African database, from which new benchmark norms will be calculated.

You can view the RAB”s attractive flash-based results case study by clicking here.

You can also view below a fabulous video the RAB have created to explain how RadioGauge measures the effectiveness of radio advertising.

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