Dollywagon projects win silver, then gold!

Dollywagon projects win silver, then gold!

Dollywagon has some great news that we”d like to share with you. We’re proud to announce that two research projects we play a key role in have swept the board at this year”s prestigious Mediaweek Awards in London.

Both projects were commissioned by the UK”s Radio Advertising Bureau, which received the awards at a glittering ceremony last Thursday.

RadioGauge is the world”s first industry standard tool for measuring radio advertising effectiveness and won Silver for Best Research Initiative.

RadioGAUGE is widely acknowledged to have transformed the fortunes of the UK radio industry and has played a crucial role in growing radio’s share of advertising revenue for the first time in five years.

RadioGAUGE has been so successful that its model for evaluating radio advertising performance is being adopted in many other countries around the world.

Dollywagon plays a leading role in the international development of RadioGAUGE. The project has already launched in South Africa and discussions are ongoing with organisations in online slots North America, Europe and Australasia.

However, not content with just winning a silver medal, we”re pleased as punch to announce that the Gold award for Best Research Initiative went to ‘Radio: The Online Multiplier’.

This is a ground-breaking study that was designed and implemented by Dollywagon. It has been credited with affecting a fundamental re-evaluation of the role played by radio advertising in driving consumers online to interact with brands.

“Radio: The Online Multiplier” represents a new way to capture the actual moments when radio ads prompt listeners to search on-line for a brand they”ve heard advertised on the radio.

Dollywagon successfully developed a technology that combined real internet browsing data from consumers” PCs with diary-based information about personal radio listening and data from radio advertising transmission logs.

This project has also generated significant international interest and several overseas organisations are actively investigating the potential for introducing “The Online Multiplier” study into their own markets.

The RAB have created a YouTube video that does a great job of explaining the study, which you can view below.

If you”d like to know how RadioGAUGE or The Online Multiplier can be adapted for your medium or market, or if you just want Dollywagon to create a project that wins your company lots of awards, please get in touch. We”d love to hear from you.

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