'Marketing: The Art of' conference presentation

'Marketing: The Art of' conference presentation

Dollywagon”s Jason Brownlee spoke to a “standing-room-only” break-out session at this year”s “Marketing: The Art of” conference, held at the fabulous Sage Theatre complex in Gateshead, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (UK).

The presentation was entitled “A rookie”s guide to dgfev online casino social network analysis”. It covered the back-story for social network analysis, explained how it defines and measures “influence” and then demonstrated the application of this new science in the real world of branding and marketing.

We”ve posted a copy of the presentation on-line, which can be downloaded here.

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  • Keith Blundy 12/11/2010

    Good to meet you yesterday – lets have a coffee – when you are back over in the NE – some interesting things for us to discuss.


  • Jason 15/11/2010

    Hi Keith – I’m in Newcastle pretty much every Friday. I’ll send you an email to arrange that coffee! Jason

  • Julie Wright 16/11/2010

    I managed to get a seat!! Excellent session, and now I can share it. Thanks Julie

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