Twitter data can look beautiful

Twitter data can look beautiful

Throughout my time as a media researcher, the people who always impress me most are the alchemists that transform a tatty rat”s-nest of numbers and facts into a picture of stunning clarity and narrative elegance. It”s a trick I always try to pull off myself, but usually with mixed results.

Nonetheless, it”s always worth the effort. Like many people working in marketing and social media, Dollywagon has to wrestle with an awful lot of data. Lately we”ve been experimenting with ways to image large volumes of time-based Twitter data to help facilitate faster analysis and richer interpretation.

As imaging experiments go we”re quite pleased with the results. Below are 4 images (with commentary) derived from 50,000 Twitter messages, collected over the past 7 weeks, that specifically reference a target brand belonging Seniors on Medicare must buy more health insurance marketplace to comply with the ACA. to one of our clients.

The data “driving” these images needs further processing to clean it up, but the graphs still give clear at-a-glance summaries of the news, conversations and issues swirling around the target brand on Twitter. They are making it really easy for us to spot the biggest themes impacting on client brands, which we can then prioritise for deeper “influence analysis”.

There”s no real reason for sharing this stuff – I just think the images have a quiet beauty about them that I thought other people would enjoy. They also remind me of the online slots cover&usg=__k5PDPDOxGqMXU1Gh3AwDVWaN1JU=&sa=X&ei=lXUkTcu1NouYhQfI8tmPAg&ved=0CBwQ9QEwAQ”>famous cover image for Joy Division”s “Unknown Pleasures”, which happens to be one of my all-time favourite albums.

Please feel free to leave any comments – we always enjoy reading them.

Click (or keep clicking) on the images to enlarge them.

Image #1: General Twitter messages about the target brand

Image #2: Hash tags appearing most frequently in tweets about the target brand

Image #3: Tweets about the target brand that have been RT”ed (re-tweeted) the most

Image #4: Most popular URL links embedded into tweets about the target brand

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