Real-time Twitter content analysis

Real-time Twitter content analysis

Here”s a new image (below) that we”ve quickly made for a Biotech client.

We”ve built a simple browser-based interface that allows a user to bung in a small number of keywords.

Our system then pulls off the latest Twitter messages that contain the keywords, analyses the content and breaks it into colour coded cluster-themes.

This image is just a simple test online casino using the keywords , & . After playing with it we”ve also found you can plug-in Twitter @IDs and get an analysis of what single individuals or small groups of people are currently talking about.

There”s probably a bunch of other stuff you could do with this kit that we haven”t thought of yet. If we made it more widely available, how would you use it?

Tell us what you think.

Click on the image below to enlarge (then click on it again) or click here to download a PDF.

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  • kobestarr 22/08/2012

    Hey guys!

    What did you use to create this graph!??

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