About Dollywagon

Dollywagon is a young company that blends classic media research expertise with cutting-edge science and is very active in the fast-moving world of network data analytics. We’re led by Jason Brownlee, a respected British media research specialist with both a corporate and new start-up media background.

Dollywagon has developed a patented ‘Influence Search Engine’ with e-Therapeutics plc, our principle technology partner. e-Therapeutics, founded by eminent British scientist Professor Malcolm Young, contributes patented network analysis and computing technologies that uncover hidden patterns of consumer behaviour on a scale and to a depth that is not available from any other company.

Dollywagon’s other projects are building bridges between the worlds of traditional media and new online technology. Dollywagon designed and executed the ground breaking UK study ‘Radio: The Online Multiplier‘. This project is an ‘industry-first’ that measures the power of display advertising (in this case radio) to drive consumers online to find brand-related content and information.

Dollywagon is also behind the international design and development of RadioGAUGE for the UK’s Radio Advertising Bureau. RadioGAUGE is the world’s only continuous survey that measures the impact of creativity in radio advertising.

Dollywagon is based in the North of England on the edge of The Lake District, made famous by the immortal poet Wordsworth. The company is named after a pike (mountain) in Cumbria’s Helvelyn range that we can see from our office, which also symbolises our commitment to generate wealth and employment in this wonderful part of the world.