About RadioGAUGE International

About RadioGAUGE International

RadioGAUGE International is the world’s only universal instrument to measure campaign effectiveness and the impact of creativity within radio advertising, at minimal cost to brand owners.

The project is a close collaboration between the UK’s Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB), Other lines of enquiry and Dollywagon Media Sciences.

It was first created to solve a strategic challenge facing commercial radio in the UK, namely that revenue growth was stalling because most advertisers never invested in measurement of radio advertising.

This problem had become more acute in the UK since the emergence of online advertising as a real force, which fundamentally shifted advertisers’ expectations of media accountability. This development seriously hurt investment into all other non-TV media and was the major factor contributing to a 100% increase in “churn” away from radio between 2004 and 2007.

The UK Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) therefore concluded that every national advertiser should be given a quantified understanding of radio advertising’s impact and be educated on how to get the best possible creative results from the medium.

RadioGAUGE was UK radio’s response to this challenge and the project’s set three crucial for itself:

1. create a universal effectiveness currency for radio advertising

2. measure and provide benchmarks for individual radio campaigns

3. provide quantifiable and actionable advice to improve radio creative, where needed

Moreover, RadioGAUGE committed itself to delivering radio advertising data of unimpeachable quality within unmatched levels of cost efficiency. After two years of flawless operation the project has delivered on its promise by demonstrating the effectiveness of radio advertising and the role good creativity plays in campaign success.

It did this by conducting online surveys of radio listeners at regular fortnightly intervals, with capacity to measure up to three advertisers in every survey wave. Uniquely, each of the advert ‘slots’ in each wave of research has always been offered free of charge to qualifying advertisers on a first come, first served basis.

RadioGAUGE has now reached a new milestone in its development with the launch of RadioGAUGE International. This exciting venture will bring the experience and benefits of the world’s best radio advertising research study to more of the world’s radio markets.