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If you need to find the influencers and thought-leaders in your market, the Influence Engine is the most rigorous and cost-efficient solution available. It’s a scientifically robust system that can find any market or community of interest on the Internet, and then pin-point its most influential members.

Case studies show how the Influence Engine cuts the time needed to find influential blogs, social media users and websites by up to 90%. This reduces the cost of searching for key Influencers by an impressive 80%.

Derived from research done at the universities of Oxford and Newcastle in the UK, the Influence Engine analyses millions of relationships and interactions within web-based communities.

It crawls the web to find the most important blogs and websites in any content vertical. It also analyses user-generated content and interaction patterns in massive social networks like Twitter to pin-point the thought-leaders within any group or community of interest.

The Influence Engine provides a strong objective basis for online media selection that significantly increases the accountability of social media planning decisions.

  • Accurately locate and define the community networks that are most engaged with your market, genre or field of interest
  • Identify and target specific thought-leaders and influencers with the greatest power to help or harm a brand’s reputation
  • Increase the objectivity and accountability of social media planning decisions