Push-to-Surf: what it does

Push-to-Surf: what it does

The internet has become the primary point-of-sale and consumer engagement point for a huge number of brands.

The key challenge for companies today is to help customers cut-through the dense jungle of on-line choice and seek out specific brands via the Web.

In this context, marketers increasingly need offline media to encourage consumers to find their brands online. However, measuring the direct effect of individual display media to push consumers to the Web to engage with brands has been a major challenge.

Push-to-Surf is a ground-breaking research system that answers this need. It uses sophisticated technology to capture the actual moments when display ads prompt consumers to search on-line for a brand they’ve seen or heard advertised elsewhere.

Originally developed for the commercial radio industry but now deployed across all display channels, Push-to-Surf has been credited with affecting a fundamental re-evaluation of the role played by off-line advertising in driving consumers to interact with brands on the Web.

Push-to-Surf successfully combines page-level data on consumer internet browsing, diary-based records of personal display media usage and detailed information taken from advertising publication and transmission logs. The system analyses this data to provide robust and concrete answers to the following questions:

  • To what extent does display advertising in the real world exercise a measurable effect on the way consumers browse brands online?
  • What types and formats of display advertising are most effective in this respect?
  • How can brands optimise the effectiveness of their display campaigns in driving people online?

Push-to-Surf has generated a lot of positive interest. In October 2010 it won the Gold Medal for Best Research Initiative at the MediaWeek Awards, the UK’s most prestigious media research accolade.

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