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‘Radio: The Online Multiplier’ is a ground-breaking research study commissioned by the UK’s Radio Advertising Bureau. It has been credited with casuing a fundamental re-evaluation of the role played by radio advertising in driving consumers online to interact with brands.

In recognition the project won the UK’s most prestigious media research accolade at the October 2010 MediaWeek Awards.

‘Radio: The Online Multiplier’ represents a new way to capture the actual moments when radio advertising prompts listeners to search on-line for a brand they’ve heard advertised on the radio.

There have been several studies in the past that have highlighted the way radio affects internet browsing. Some of these were “labtest” projects that successfully established links between radio advertising exposure and online behaviour.

However, what has been lacking is a real-world test that measured the ability of live radio advertising to affect web browsing patterns and do so across a number of brands in a variety of markets.

Radio: The Online Multiplier was the our response to this need. The idea was to create a single-source database linking exposure to radio advertising with actual web browsing behaviour – the first study of its type.

Dollywagon successfully developed a technology that combined real internet browsing data from consumers’ PCs with diary-based information about personal radio listening and data from radio advertising transmission logs.

John Naughton, Professor of the Public Understanding of Technology at the UK’s Open University and Internet columnist for the London Observer newspaper (pictured above), was impressed enough by the study to write this forward to the RAB’s project report:

“This is an intriguing report because it addresses a very hot topic in the online advertising business.

The polite way of expressing this is: how to raise – or even maintain – brand awareness in a world dominated by generic search? The blunt formulation is: how to escape from the tyranny of the big search engines?

This new study suggests that one answer to the brand awareness challenge may lie offline – in creative uses of radio advertising to influence online behaviour. The headline finding – that exposure to radio advertising boosts brand browsing by an average of 52% – is so startling that at first I assumed it had to be a misprint.

Surely there’s a missing decimal point?

But there isn’t.

Read [the report above] to find out why…

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